I either have a fiercely strong opinion or I don’t give a fuck at all


“I OBJECT!!!!” the defendant screams in court. the judge gives him a very emotional hug and says “no…you human”


what even is this show



very strange how u can talk to someone everyday and still miss them



Being haunted by desire of authenticity I take stealthy photos sometimes. I am interested to know how people read when they think nobody’s looking. The world surely does not exist for them at that moment.

I really like this

On stage in Kansas City, Missouri, September 17, 1964.
Photograph by Bob Bonis

Taylor Swift performs at the iHeart Radio Music Festival on September 19, 2014
Lunch friends and music friends and friends funnier than I’ll be and
Look who came home for homecoming!!!
Band friend!!



Witnesses say they asked Britney why she shaved her head and her response was, “I’m tired of plugging things into it. I’m tired of people touching me.”

i can never not reblog this

T-Pain: “That was the most beautiful thing in the world. Do you know why she was shaving her head? Because it was so important to other people. She is like, “Listen. Don’t touch my hair anymore. Stop touching my hair.” People were like, “We’ve got to make your hair before you go outside. You can’t leave.” She went … “Now I don’t have hair. What you going to do?”

The older I get the more her breakdown seems less ‘unbalanced’ and more ‘completely understandable’